Virtuelni Sajam Automobila 2017


Nova generacija sistema četverougaonog vazdušnog vešanja i Terrain Response®-a sa pet načina terenske vožnje omogućavaju vodeći komfort u klasi i sposobnosti na putu i izvan njega, dok Gloss Black detalji spoljnog izgleda upotpunjeni sa Sports Textured Aluminium elementima paketa ističu dinamičan dizajn vozila. Kreirajte idealnu unutrašnjost vašeg automobila sa sedištima u Oxford perforiranoj koži u 7 boja (uključujući 2 boje jedinstvene za ovaj model) po izboru sa 4-smernim električnim podešavanjem i električno podesivom visinom naslona za glavu. POGLEDAJTE SAJAMSKU AKCIJU -- ZAKAŽITE PROBNU VOŽNJU -- ZATRAŽITE PONUDU Little do not eat milk myself!" A group of big children booing. "You group of small skin 925 Collection jewelry monkeys, not all from his age over." Old patriarch screamed. "We are not in sliver jewelry necklace the year and a half still feeding, hey." The face of the big children tiffanysliver jewelry necklace make fun of, small little Hanhan smile, black big eyes become crescent-like, do not care, sitting in front of the pot with a wooden spoon scoop milk, eat very sweet. After breakfast, 2017 silver jewelry the village several old old man came together to the patriarch Shi Yunfeng yard, although already made white, but the essence of God are still enough. "Not quite right recently, ah, the night is always a big guy passing, moving is too big, and this mountain area must happen. "Well, last night I was awakened several times, the skin is cold, must be what the prehistoric beast and the big insects passing from here. Several elderly people have to speak, they frown or thought, to 2017 sterling silver jewelry discuss some of the recent signs of danger, that there are unusual things happened. "I think this desolate may be out of something can not, causing the surrounding area some of the Pacific Heritage of the attention, have rushed to the." The old chief Shi Yunfeng thought after thinking. "This is not out of the 925 Sterling sliver jewelry mountain treasure it?" An old man suddenly Dengyuan eyes, hair were made, revealing shocked. Other people are also showing different colors, eyes fiery, but soon they are extinguished the flame in the eye, that kind of thing is not what they can get, far in the deepest mountains, no one into the go. So many years has never sliver jewelry planet been able to live and out of a trip, the mountains of various Wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry tyrannical species come and go, even if the stone village owner Qi Chuang, even a spray will not be thrown. "At that time, a majestic adult man entered the hospital, he was the head of Hot sale sliver jewelry the hunting team, will also be the next village chief of the village." "Recently, some are not peaceful ah." 925 silver price The old clan Shi Yunfeng frowned. "But the food is really much." Stone forest High quality silver jewelry tiger, his body is very tall, more than two meters, silver jewelry Free shipping carrying a three hundred pounds of Bling Jewelery broad swords, the whole person as a strong bear, Buy silver jewelry whole body bronze piece of sliver jewelry necklace muscle, Such as a snake python in the swimming.

Opste informacije
  • Auto tip karoserije SUV
  • Broj vrata: 5
  • Broj sedista: 5
  • Transmisija 8 s
  • Pogon: 4x4
  • Gorivo: Dizel
  • Emisioni standard: Euro VI
  • Zapremina rezervoara: 89 l
  • Maksimalna snaga: 25 kw / 306 HP
  • Kapacitet: 2993 cc
  • Maksimalni obrtni moment: 700 Nm
  • Maksimalna brzina 225 km/h
  • Ubrzanje 0-100 km/h 7.6 s (0-100 km/h)
  • Potrosnja goriva(grad) 7.9 l/100km
  • Potrosnja goriva(autoput) 6.4 l/100km
  • Prosecna potrosnja goriva 7.0 l/100km
  • Emisija CO2 185 g/km
  • Prazna masa: 2185 kg
  • Maks nosivost: 865 kg
  • Maks dozvoljena masa: 3050 kg
  • ABS: Da
  • Electronic Brake Distribution(EBD): Da
  • Kocnice asistent: Ne
  • Vazdusni jastuk za vozaca: Da
  • Vazdusni jastuk: Da
  • Bocni vazdusni jastuci: Da (prednji)
  • Head / zavese jastuci: Da (prednji i zadnji)
  • Elektronski program stabilnosti(ESP): Da
  • Crash test: 5
Spoljne dimenzije
  • Duzina: 4850 mm
  • Sirina: 2220 mm
  • Visina: 1780 mm
  • Medjuosovinsko rastojanje: 2923 mm